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Evelyn Bay Coffee Company

In a world where people thrive off of coffee and the beatnik culture is revamping with coffee-shop hangouts, I had always looked for such a place in my small town of Charlotte. As I walked in the downtown area on Cochran Ave., I noticed a place where the people seemed to keep walking in on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Continue reading Evelyn Bay Coffee Company


Shaughnessy lays out future of Charlotte

While the rest of Michigan is in economic turmoil, Charlotte Mayor Deb Shaughnessy says her city is doing just fine.

            “Charlotte has been very fortunate; we’ve actually been growing,” said Shaughnessy. Shaughnessy, who refused to take all the credit for the city’s prosperity, explained that the key to a successful economy has been the cooperation between the people and their governments – both state and local. Continue reading Shaughnessy lays out future of Charlotte

ZAP program pushes students to succeed

            In a single semester, a program named “Zeroes Aren’t Permitted” (ZAP) has significantly decreased the dropout/failure rates for two schools in the Charlotte Public Schools district.

When goals for the academic school year of 2007-2008 were set, one of the top priorities for Charlotte Public Schools was to reduce their dropout/failing rates. After traveling to a school in Kansas that had started the program, Charlotte officials set out to mimic the success that had been witnessed in Kansas.

“With ZAP, we’ve reduced the rate (of failing students) 61 percent,” said Jack VonAchen, Charlotte Middle School assistant principal. Continue reading ZAP program pushes students to succeed

City of Charlotte shows off hometown pride in annual festival

As the blissful summer breeze blows amid an afternoon in June, classic cars roll by, shiny and ready for show. Overhead, planes fly about, showcasing their skills, while you eat a stack of pancakes. It must be time to Celebrate Charlotte.

            “We think it’s important to celebrate our community,” said Ann Garvey, the executive director of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, who is predominately responsible for putting on the festival this year.

Celebrate Charlotte began 10 years ago as a one-day event intended to bring together the community. In 2004, it expanded to become a weekend celebration of the city, and it now begins the Thursday before and ends the Sunday of Father’s Day. Garvey said that the inclusion of Father’s Day started four years ago. With the change came more music, more shopping and more activities for the community to take part in. Continue reading City of Charlotte shows off hometown pride in annual festival

Charlotte boasts history of Eaton County through 1885 Courthouse

        The city of Charlotte prides itself on its historical roots. One of its most prominent testimonies to such a claim is the 1885 Eaton County Courthouse, in the center of downtown Charlotte. Reigning over the city with masterful authority, the courthouse stands 273 feet tall, with two levels of orange brick, one of beige, and a white peak with a statue of Lady Justice at the very top.

Now, however, it has been over 30 years since any gavel knocked against the black walnut wood of the court room. Maintained by the Courthouse Square Association, the now-museum is home to a number of exhibits dedicated to the life and times of Eaton County and Charlotte. Continue reading Charlotte boasts history of Eaton County through 1885 Courthouse

CPS losing students to Schools of Choice, economy

Since September 2004, Charlotte Public Schools (CPS) has been losing students because of Schools of Choice.

The Michigan Schools of Choice program gives students the opportunity to choose which school district they would like to be a part of.

This year, CPS lost just under 250 students. The district has found that the reason students are leaving CPS is varies. Some leave because of problems within the transportation system, while others are leaving because their parents have had to find jobs elsewhere. Continue reading CPS losing students to Schools of Choice, economy

Guetschow officially named Charlotte city manager

The Charlotte City Council approved a contract for Gregg Guetschow to become its new city manager at its Jan. 28 meeting.

Charlotte’s top authorities met on the 28th to discuss several agenda items, including approving Gregg Guetschow (previously interim city manager) as permanent city manager and approval of the Winter Fest, held by the Charlotte Jaycees on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Continue reading Guetschow officially named Charlotte city manager