Danielle Emerson Bio

Hello Charlotte (and others viewing this blog from various areas around MSU)! My name is Danielle, and I’m a sophomore at Michigan State University going for a double-degree in journalism and political science. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but my love/hate relationship with politics has grown in the past few years. It was towards the end of my freshman year that I decided I was intrigued enough by politics that I wanted to pursue more of it. I’m hoping to one day be a policy analyst or report from the White House. I prefer print journalism to broadcast, so I doubt any of you will be seeing me on TV. But you never do know…

I LOVE MSU. I joke that for as long as I can remember green has been my favorite color, so coming here just seems right, but it’s true. There was a phase where I liked blue but green has prevailed (obviously). I like the football games, the people, feeding ducks at the Red Cedar, the scenery (usually in the fall)…just, everything. People think it’s crazy how many other people I’ll graduate with or how big some classes are, but I think it’s crazy that they don’t see WHY so many people are actually here. It makes perfect sense to me!

Well I don’t want to make this too long since people lose their attention span after a while, so basically, that’s it. I’ll be reporting on the Charlotte community for the majority of the rest of this semester, and in the several visits I’ve had – I think I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve enjoyed Charlotte and hope to accurately and justly report on it to not only Charlotte, but others too. I also hope that you’ll appreciate at least some of the news I put up, and whether you do or not, comments are welcome. I wouldn’t be any kind of journalist if I didn’t have to face my audience(s). Thanks for reading! GO GREEN!!

PS! I also write for an online magazine at State. I’m in Global View, but the whole publication is great. Check it out!


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