Blog: middle school sports about to change

Some long-awaited changes are in store for the Plymouth-Canton middle school athletic programs, and they could be made even next year.

Boy’s volleyball could be changed to wrestling, and cross country could be added for both boys and girls next year. Both are currently offered as clinics through the school, but are not official school sports.

The changes will be reviewed by the Plymouth-Canton school board in the spring.

I have to say that I’m in favor of the changes. When I was a student at West Middle School, I was always frustrated by the fact that all sports were for both genders. I was forced to play softball instead of baseball, and a lot of my friends played volleyball when I’m sure they would have much preferred different sports. Giving more options to kids is a good thing at an earlier age, and I’m sure more boys would prefer to wrestle than play volleyball, which means more after-school activities that they would be interested in.

Cross country is a very popular choice at high schools, so it seems like a reasonable choice to offer at the middle school level as well. Anything that has children being active is a good thing in this day and age. Get out and play.


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