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Blog: middle school sports about to change

Some long-awaited changes are in store for the Plymouth-Canton middle school athletic programs, and they could be made even next year.

Boy’s volleyball could be changed to wrestling, and cross country could be added for both boys and girls next year. Both are currently offered as clinics through the school, but are not official school sports.

The changes will be reviewed by the Plymouth-Canton school board in the spring.

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Blog: Update on liquor moratorium story

Even though the Plymouth City Commission made a decision on their liquor moratorium, the issue of liquor licenses in the city is still making headlines. The latest debate is whether to allow the Penn Grill and Bar, which has had many alcohol-related problems recently, to continue to hold a liquor license.

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Blog: Beheading case embarrasses former Canton grad

Jean Pierre Orlewicz, an 18-year-old Canton High School student, will be sentenced to life in prison on May 12 after being convicted of murder, but his actions will radiate far beyond his jail cell walls. For years to come, the township of Canton will be known as the home of one of the most violent murders the state of Michigan has ever seen.

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P-CEP drug sweep has students questioning their rights

The drug sweep of the Plymouth Canton Educational Park’s parking lots on October 31, 2007 found alcohol in three students’ cars and an illegal drug in another car. The unannounced search has students debating what rights they have while at school.

A team of Canton Township police officers and canine units inspected all cars on school property. Over 47 cars were searched after dogs gave positive responses, but only four contained drugs or alcohol.

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Meet Canton’s new preschool

The high growth rate of the Plymouth Canton Community Schools has brought one of the top pre-school franchises to the Canton Community.

The Goddard School, a pre-school offering classes for children six weeks to six years old, opened a new independent franchise location in Canton this October. The school offers year-round half or full day education and daycare for children in the area.

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Honor Roll

There’s a large wall right in the center of downtown Mason.  I see it every time I drive there, and I have always wondered what it was for.

Today I stopped there and found out it’s a memorial wall dedicated to individuals from Ingham County who fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars as well as World War II.  There is a  walkway leading up to it with engraved bricks honoring anyone from Ingham County who has served in the armed forces during times of peace and war.

Now that I have been reporting in Mason for the semester, I actually felt a sort of connection while I was reading the names on the wall.  I have heard so many stories about old war veterans from the history buffs I have interviewed, it seemed fitting that I discovered the memorial now rather than at the beginning of my work.

But, one of the coolest things about being there today was when I noticed that the patriotism in Mason, especially at that memorial, was everywhere – even the fire hydrant was red, white and blue.  If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.