Evelyn Bay Coffee Company

In a world where people thrive off of coffee and the beatnik culture is revamping with coffee-shop hangouts, I had always looked for such a place in my small town of Charlotte. As I walked in the downtown area on Cochran Ave., I noticed a place where the people seemed to keep walking in on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Being the curious journalist I am, I walked over and stumbled upon the coffee shop I had been looking for all semester long. It was actually quite a large space, especially when I compare them to the Starbuck’s Coffee shops I see here in East Lansing or even back home.

As I sat down and took in the different colored walls of this vast room, I concluded that the Evelyn Bay Coffee Company’s “shop” was one of the most contemporary things I’ve witnessed in a city that thrives on its history (hence my special beat at the end of the semester of history). It was like each wall was a different color, though the tables were quaint and semi-old-fashioned. Then I’d glance ahead and see a couple of big, leather couches where 3 men, probably in their mid 50’s were talking about – go figure – healthcare, health options and “hot it used to be.”

Have to say, I enjoyed the place. It seemed like a place where anyone could go, from the very old to the very young. And quite frankly that was the crowd I saw: an older woman had brought her older mother in, the men in their mid 50’s and a couple of girls that were maybe about 14 or 15. Nice place, except the guy running the cashier was “too busy” to answer some questions concerning the story I was working on; except that he had no customers to attend to nor did he have exactly the “packed place.”


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