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Horses 101: A Quick Lesson on Horse Terms


     After riding horses for 15 years, I have most of the lingo down pretty well.  I have no problem talking to another horse person about the ‘mare that ran out at the oxer on course at an Event’, but I’m well aware than not everyone in the general public is quite as fluid in equine jargon as I am.  And that’s totally fine with me.  To help those people become a bit more ‘horse savvy’, I’ve put together a quick equine vocabulary lesson which, in theory, will make my articles easier to understand.

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Erica Larson Bio

My name is Erica Larson and I am a sophomore Journalism major at Michigan State University. After graduating, I am hoping to write for an equestrian magazine or online publication.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, then moved to Michigan before I began high school. I attended Howell High where I was a staff writer for the school newspaper for a year and a half. I spent the second half of my Senior year helping the newspaper adviser develop a curriculum for a unit on magazine writing for her Introduction to Journalism class. I was also on my high school’s varsity equestrian team for four years and served as captain during my Senior year.

I am an avid equestrian and have a small stable of five horses. I am an active Jumper Dressage rider and trainer, and I am hoping to break into the world of Three Day Eventing this season. I have been riding since I was 5 and hope to continue riding in the future.