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Honor Roll

There’s a large wall right in the center of downtown Mason.  I see it every time I drive there, and I have always wondered what it was for.

Today I stopped there and found out it’s a memorial wall dedicated to individuals from Ingham County who fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars as well as World War II.  There is a  walkway leading up to it with engraved bricks honoring anyone from Ingham County who has served in the armed forces during times of peace and war.

Now that I have been reporting in Mason for the semester, I actually felt a sort of connection while I was reading the names on the wall.  I have heard so many stories about old war veterans from the history buffs I have interviewed, it seemed fitting that I discovered the memorial now rather than at the beginning of my work.

But, one of the coolest things about being there today was when I noticed that the patriotism in Mason, especially at that memorial, was everywhere – even the fire hydrant was red, white and blue.  If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.


New CATA Fare Prices

The CATA has recently come up with new fare prices. These prices not only affect college students, but Lansing area residents as well.

New fare prices are $1.25 for regular cash fare and 60 cents for any discounted fare. This includes seniors, students, people with disabilities and medicare card holders.
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Are College Too Young To Be Ministers?

Recently I wrote a story on college students who also take on the role as minister. These students juggle their ministry along with jobs and school work. Normally when you think of ministers, you think of older or middle aged persons participating in church functions and helping with the flow of the service.

So are college students too young to be ministers?

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Special City Council Meeting Raises Questions in Williamston

In an E-mail read aloud, Williamston resident Jennifer Chisholm expressed her skepticism of the special city council meeting being held the night of, Dec. 19, 2007,

            “I am all for new businesses in this town. We need the infrastructure if we are going to             remain solvent. However holding a ‘special’ meeting for ONE business that hosted your OWN fundraiser is extremely suspect.”

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Williamston High School Switches to Trimesters

The Williamston Board of Education will change its long-standing double semester year at Williamston High School to a trimester year starting in the 2008-2009 school year.

            The Board said the switch is an effort to better prepare its students and give them a higher quality of education.

            Under the current schedule of two semesters a school year, students attend six one-hour long classes a day and receive six credits a year.

            The new trimesters will only have five classes a day, but for a longer period of time and students will receive 7.5 credits a year.

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Capital Area Humane Society

Refuge is found here, with plenty treats for good behavior. These unlikely residents have a big day coming up.
The Capital Area Humane Society, 7095 W. Grand River Ave., are hosting their 5th Annual Fur Ball Saturday, April 19, 2008, and you and your fine canine are invited.
This event will be held at Eagle Eye Golf Club, 15101 Chandler Road. More than half of the proceeds from each individual ticket will go towards CAHS.
“The Annual Fur Ball is our main fundraising event that is ran completely on donation. You can even bring your dog and they go into the ‘pooch spa’”, said Sarah Soltis, adoption consultant.
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