East Village Project


The East Village has been a huge topic for students and residents for the past year. Now that the project has entered into its second phase does anyone believe that Pierce Education Properties will be able to get companies like DTN Management to just sign their land over? Is this plan a good idea for both the city and the students or just another way for the city to push students to the outer limits of the city? I believe that the East Village needs to be reconstructed but perhaps not in the manner that the city is going. Most current students that I’ve talked to dislike the plans that Pierce has laid out  because they do not believe normal undergraduate students will be able to afford such luxuries that are to be included in the apartments. When I spoke to residents and alumni they are all for the change and think the improvemnt in the area will lead to more businesses coming to East Lansing.


Campus Police

Michigan State University Police reported a number of offenses occurring over the Valentines week including minor in possession or MIP and other incidents.

               Thursday February 14 saw more motorists enjoying the holiday by going out  to dinner with their significant other. While on Grand  River  Avenue between the hours of 8- 10 p.m., bystanders at local restaurants saw quite a significant number of traffic  enforcements occurring.  When questioned  about the abundance of traffic violations MSU Police  Inspector Kelly Beck explained, “There was nothing special about  February 14th traffic  enforcement.   It was business as usual for us.”                   	  	Valentines week also brought more serious offenses, including a fire in North Hubbard Hall around Noon on February 12. The fire,  according to Sergeant McGlothian- Taylor, was an  accidental. The fire was found in the trash compactor room on the north side of the building.   The MSU Police and the East Lansing Fire Department  were called to the scene to investigate.  Resident of Hubbard, Cody Barz said, “I smelt  a little smoke but didn’t think it was a big deal." The fire was confined to one  trash bag that had nearly melted away. Police were able to find its  owners by a delivery receipt found in the bag. Police investigated whether they put anything flammable  in the bag. They found nothing within the  bag that would have caused a fire, so the cause is still unknown. The cost in damage was around $5.00.                     	 	There was a larceny from Wilson Hall cafeteria on February 12 between 12:00 p.m.  and 6:00 p.m. A 21-year old female student employee  reported her  Apple Classic iPod had been  taken from her coat pocket. The cost in losses is around $250.00 for the iPod. There are no suspects,  but the employee believes it  must have been someone who was working on her shift.                   	 	Valentine’s Day saw less incidents occurring in and throughout campus then the two previous days. There was a reported domestic assault  at Shaw Hall  at 9:00 p.m. Other infractions of the day included one MIP, a person driving with a suspended license and a person stopped at the  corner of Hagadorn Road and  Mt. Hope who was arrested for possessing a controlled substance.                	   	Friday, February 15, was a relatively slower day for police then a normal weekend night. There were only five offenses reported throughout  day.  Three of those five were MIP’s reported throughout campus halls. The fourth infraction was driving while under the influence. The offender  was stopped on  Hagadorn Road at 1:50 a.m. The only other offense happened in Lot 20 when a student was found using a fake handicap permit.  	 	Saturday in this city is known as party and bar night, and the offenses that occurred were mostly alcohol related. There were six MIP  infractions including two in the dorms, two in  parking  lots or street and one in the MSU Police Department. A person was found on Shaw Road  in their motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol and ticketed with an open intoxication. A incapacitated person was found on Grand River  Avenue. The only non-alcohol related infraction was a person driving with a suspended license.                   	 	 According to police records the second week of February was statistically on pace with past weeks as far as the number of incidents  occurring within the campus perimeter.  A number that has gone down is the amount of MIP given out. This is due in part to the new law on how  police can not just randomly go up to people on the street and give them a  breathalyzer test. The new law states that police must have reasonable  cause, like a person is being extremely disorderly.   

Williamstown Twp. seeks grant to improve park

As the sun beams down on open fields, birds fly through a clear blue sky and people mingle and talk. An afternoon of picnicking and sports is about to begin in the Williamstown Community Park. While days like this do occur, the Williamstown Township Parks and Recreation Committee is in the process of applying for a grant so community events can happen more often. 

The committee is in the process of applying for a grant through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources that will help to update and improve the quality of the Williamstown Community Park.The grant would be funded through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. It is dependent on the township finalizing their state-mandated Master Plan.“This is a big deal for the committee because we have been trying to get funding for the park and this is [our] last suggestion,” said Jerry Fulcher, chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee. Continue reading Williamstown Twp. seeks grant to improve park

Eaton Rapids discusses City Clerk, snow removal

A crowd of over 75 residents filled a meeting room at Eaton Rapids City Hall Jan. 28, more than double the normal number of participants, to speak and hear comments regarding an issue involving City Clerk Kristy Reinecke, her husband, and unearned vacation days she approved for him, said City Assessor Mike Baker, who has served as city assessor since 1995 and said he rarely misses a city council meeting.

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DeWitt City Council discusses Clinton County Economic Alliance

The DeWitt City Council discussed how it should participate in the Clinton County Economic Alliance at its Jan. 22 meeting.

The economic future of Michigan has been a very hot topic the last several years, especially as big three auto company factory closings have decreased manufacturing jobs in the state. Small cities built around these factories have been particularly hard-hit, and have had a hard time attracting businesses to replace the lost jobs.

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Williamston approves band shell, ponders Middle Street lot

Two new projects were announced at January’s Williamston City Council meeting aimed at improving downtown Williamston.

The council agreed to start construction of a band shell in McCormick Park and to request a quote of the cost of renovating the Middle Street parking lot.

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Williamstown Township approves proposed 2008 budget

The proposed 2008 budget for Williamstown Township was approved by the township board at their Jan. 22 meeting, but is still in the process of being finalized.

The budget is still open to change and will be available to the public for input before it is finalized in March.

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