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New CATA Fare Prices

The CATA has recently come up with new fare prices. These prices not only affect college students, but Lansing area residents as well.

New fare prices are $1.25 for regular cash fare and 60 cents for any discounted fare. This includes seniors, students, people with disabilities and medicare card holders.
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Are College Too Young To Be Ministers?

Recently I wrote a story on college students who also take on the role as minister. These students juggle their ministry along with jobs and school work. Normally when you think of ministers, you think of older or middle aged persons participating in church functions and helping with the flow of the service.

So are college students too young to be ministers?

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Capital Area Humane Society

Refuge is found here, with plenty treats for good behavior. These unlikely residents have a big day coming up.
The Capital Area Humane Society, 7095 W. Grand River Ave., are hosting their 5th Annual Fur Ball Saturday, April 19, 2008, and you and your fine canine are invited.
This event will be held at Eagle Eye Golf Club, 15101 Chandler Road. More than half of the proceeds from each individual ticket will go towards CAHS.
“The Annual Fur Ball is our main fundraising event that is ran completely on donation. You can even bring your dog and they go into the ‘pooch spa’”, said Sarah Soltis, adoption consultant.
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Samson Rides Along

As a child, my parents always taught me to never accept a ride from a stranger.

But what do you do when a stranger asks you for a ride?

In January, a friend and I went to cover an event in Lansing for a campus publication. I was taking pictures at a mixed martial arts fight, while my friend wrote about the fight. After the event, we called our editor to see if she would come pick us up, since the buses were not running. We said we would meet her at a parking lot of a church.

Then along came Samson.

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Williamstown Twp. seeks grant to improve park

As the sun beams down on open fields, birds fly through a clear blue sky and people mingle and talk. An afternoon of picnicking and sports is about to begin in the Williamstown Community Park. While days like this do occur, the Williamstown Township Parks and Recreation Committee is in the process of applying for a grant so community events can happen more often. 

The committee is in the process of applying for a grant through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources that will help to update and improve the quality of the Williamstown Community Park.The grant would be funded through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. It is dependent on the township finalizing their state-mandated Master Plan.“This is a big deal for the committee because we have been trying to get funding for the park and this is [our] last suggestion,” said Jerry Fulcher, chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee. Continue reading Williamstown Twp. seeks grant to improve park

Lansing City Council sells Ottawa Street Power Station

The City Council of Lansing decided during its Jan. 28 meeting to sell the eastern terminal of the Ottawa Street Power Station to the Accident Fund Insurance Company of America and the Christman Company.

The companies will renovate the building, then consolidate Accident Fund’s offices there, bringing an estimated 500 jobs into the city.

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