The Gone Wired Café

Once in a while you find a shop that stands out among the rest.  The Gone Wired Café on Michigan Avenue had an atmosphere unlike any other coffee shop I have ever seen.

Walking into the store, it is much too big to be a café. But the extra space is what makes the café amazing. There is a creaky old staircase that leads to more seating on a balcony.  The seats and tables seem a little worn down, as if they were bought from a thrift shop. But this lends to a creative mixture and a refreshing change from all the Starbucks that all feel the same.

The café offers free WiFi, and has computers to surf the internet. Even so, the coffee store feels free from the manufacturing

The walls have photographs from around the world on sale, and the proceeds go to organizations that teach children to read in Africa.  They are refreshing to stare at and imaging being there, seeing with your own eyes.

Next time I head down Michigan Avenue, I’ll swing by  the Gone Wired Café, and I might just have to buy a cup of coffee.


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