The Epicenter of Worship: Young Up and Coming Church Attracts Many College Students

Youthful, lively and Christ centered, Epicenter of Worship is expanding its members every Sunday. Attracting many Michigan State college students away from home, EOW, as it is affectionately called, is proving to be a safe haven and spiritual storehouse for college students.
EOW began in 2004 as Apostolic Word Church under the leadership of Pastor Sean Holland. Services were held in the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, 55 S. Harrison Road, and numbers were few.
“In the beginning, it was only a few people. Now EOW has about 300 members, about 80 percent are college students and about 20 percent are families that come and join,” said Holland.
Holland has been in the ministry for 16 years now, and at 34 is rather young in age for a head pastor. He believes that the Lord called him to found this church at the very time that he did, though it didn’t seem like much while being held in the Kellogg Center.
“Some of our college students are undergrad at MSU, LCC, Kettering College and other colleges around the state,” Holland said. There are also many students who graduate from MSU and remain at the church.
“I started coming when church was still held in the Kellogg Center,” said Tiffany Vauters, a minister at the church and MSU college student.
Vauters graduated from Western Michigan University in 2006, and then transferred to MSU for her second bachelors. She transferred to MSU because of the church.
“I was in search of a church while attending college. The needs I was looking for where there,” said Vauters.
Vauters became a minister at EOW September 16, 2007, after joining the church in the summer of 2006. After expressing to her pastor her feelings of being called into the ministry, Vauters was trained on how to serve, and study her Bible. She became a minister without any seminary schooling.
EOW’s mission statement is to preach a real word for real times, to teach the truth of salvation, and to prepare God’s people for church and community leadership.
Holland has also been successful at making good use of his members’ gifts and talents.
“Pastor and first lady Holland saw something in me that others in the past failed to see,” Vauters said.
After majoring in Spanish, Holland took Vauters’ passion for Spanish and applied it in a ministerial way. She is now the Hispanic liaison for the church, helping to bridge the gap between latinos in the church.
EOW also offers several other ministries. There is a women’s ministry, marriage ministry, media ministry, men’s ministry, singles and youth ministry, and a campus ministry.
Jasmine Cheese, an MSU sophomore first learned about EOW, through Michigan State’s Gospel Choir.
“I started attending EOW when it was held in the Kellogg Center, because it was right across from where I was living in Brody Complex. But I heard about it, because over half of the choir go there,” said Cheese smiling.
Cheese is now on the praise and worship team at EOW. She said she had a meeting with the pastor and expressed to him how she wanted to sing on the praise and worship team. She then had to go to the praise and worship leader to audition, and has been singing with them ever since.
Sunday morning worship service is held at 11:30 am, 227 North Capitol Avenue. There are also services held throughout the week such as Bible study on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, and Vision Campus Ministry on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm held at the MSU Union.
“I like that the church is very young, the pastor is young and we can communicate with him. I love that the presence of God dwells there,” said Cheese.


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