Thank You, Lansing Township

The end of the semester is here. I want to thank all of the people who I have talked to during my time reporting for Lansing Township. It was amazing to experience meeting residents of Lansing Township.

I’ll never forget the first time I came to Lansing Charter Township Hall. I decided to take the bus from East Lansing and then bike to the hall from the bus stop. The weather was horrible, and biking in the snow is deffinitely not easy. But I was determined not to miss my meeting at the hall.

So I rode my bike through the snow. I was soaked, and my cell phone broke because it was so wet. When I made it to the hall and walked in the office, I introduced myself to John Daher, supervisor for the township.  He asked me why I was drenched. When I explained my expedition on my bicycle, Daher said one thing.

“You know there’s a bus that runs out here,” said Daher.

So to Daher, Police Chief Kay Hoffman, Matt Brinkley and everyone else that I might have forgotten, thank you for your kindness and opening up to me honestly.

You truly are a unique community.


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