New CATA Fare Prices

The CATA has recently come up with new fare prices. These prices not only affect college students, but Lansing area residents as well.

New fare prices are $1.25 for regular cash fare and 60 cents for any discounted fare. This includes seniors, students, people with disabilities and medicare card holders.

If you are any of the persons trying to recieve the discounted fare, you have to provide valid ID. People with disabilities have to show a vaild CATAClub or ADA card. Seniors have to be atleast 62 years of age and provide a CATAClub card and students have to have a CATA or student ID card.

This change in prices are only 25 cents and 10 cents difference from what it recently was. The previous fare was a dollar for regular fare and 50 cents for the discounted fare.

This may seem like nothing, but after a while the fare starts to add up. Not to mention the fact that it is so much more easy to just pull out two quarters or a one dollar bill without having to search for that extra dime or quarter.

This is how the rising cost of oil and gas are affecting Americans. The more the economy goes down, the more Americans have to pay.

What do you think about the rising cost of CATA fare, food or anything that may be affecting your life and finances?


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