Michigan Weather: Global Warming?

Michigan’s weather seems like a roller coaster ride with no end, that continues to swirl and twirl and throw you for new loops.

It seems as if people have become afraid or even in denial of the term “global warming”. We’ve come to call it global climate change, though renaming the issue does’nt change the issue.

In Michigan, it is almost difficult to tell which season you are in if you dont know what month it is. Is global climate change to blame?

And how much do people really know about global climate change? We are told that our burning of greenhouse gases are causing a rise in the global tempeartures, and that smoke emitted from cars and factories are destroying our ozone layer. But what are we doing about it?

And is this issue more serious than it is made to be? As of lately you are hearing more about it than ever before, and now it is becoming recognized as an issue. But there is always more that can be done.

Recently many businesses and even such shows as “America’s Next Top Model” have pledged that they have “gone green”. You are seeing more and more people talking about this issue that seems to point more and more at us as the main cause.

Are the recent efforts enough to heal our world and make it livable for generations and generations to come?


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