Capital Area Humane Society

Refuge is found here, with plenty treats for good behavior. These unlikely residents have a big day coming up.
The Capital Area Humane Society, 7095 W. Grand River Ave., are hosting their 5th Annual Fur Ball Saturday, April 19, 2008, and you and your fine canine are invited.
This event will be held at Eagle Eye Golf Club, 15101 Chandler Road. More than half of the proceeds from each individual ticket will go towards CAHS.
“The Annual Fur Ball is our main fundraising event that is ran completely on donation. You can even bring your dog and they go into the ‘pooch spa’”, said Sarah Soltis, adoption consultant.
Soltis has been working at the humane society for eight months and said board members, staff and different people in the community are among those that normally attend.
CAHS is a nonprofit organization committed to helping promote the humane treatment of companion animals. To promote this treatment, they provide protection and placement for the animals, while providing education for prospect, past, and current owners.
Nearly 7,000 animals a year are cared for by the humane society. The professional staff of 30 sees to it that these animals receive the best care that they can give.
“We always see an increase of kittens in the spring, but dogs are pretty steady,” Soltis said. There is also an increase after holidays in the number of animals they receive.
Most of these animals are comprised of dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets such as birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats and mice. All of these animals are available for adoption, and those seeking to adopt must meet certain standards.
“We make sure the animals go to good parents,” said Laura Simmons, an adoption counselor and animal care assistant. Simmons began working at the humane society in January and said that her job consists of helping people fill out adoption papers, caring for the animals, and making sure people are suitable to adopt an animal.
Things such as time and finances come into play also. They must be able to show their companion the amount of attention they need and also provide them with the care that they require.
Walking your dog and providing them with their respective shots and check ups are necessity, as well as walking them so that they get the adequate amount of exercise.
Although the warming weather and sunshine bring many out to CAHS, there are actually few adoptions taking place right now. “Adoptions have been slow, but there have been a lot of foster animals”, said Simmons.
Simmons said that dogs and cats are normally adopted within a month after arriving to the humane society. If they are not adopted, they are placed with a foster family for two weeks, so that they can have some freedom.
Brittany VanPelt, is a Michigan State University student and prospective foster parent out visiting the humane society. She hopes to foster a puppy next year when she moves into her apartment.
“While I’m away from home, I miss my dog so much. Fostering a puppy would be a great way for me to get my “dog fix“. I just hope my apartment allows animals,” said VanPelt.
“This place can be pretty stressful for the animals, so the foster parents are there to play with them and give them much needed freedom and attention,” Simmons said. Most first time foster parents adopt their first pets.
But there are times when they receive dogs who are too aggressive and have been abused too badly, and no longer trust humans. These animals reach a sad fate, as they are put to sleep. Simmons said that is the hardest part about the job, otherwise it is always a joy to come to work.
Saving animals lives is CAHS’s goal, and the upcoming Fur Ball is a way to make that goal easier financially, as well as provide laughs and memories in the process.


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