Are College Too Young To Be Ministers?

Recently I wrote a story on college students who also take on the role as minister. These students juggle their ministry along with jobs and school work. Normally when you think of ministers, you think of older or middle aged persons participating in church functions and helping with the flow of the service.

So are college students too young to be ministers?

It would seem that the answer would be yes. But what would be the basis or the foundation for such an answer?

The truth is that there are some college students who live their lives according to the Bible more than people twice their age. It raises the question of whether or not it is right to deprive someone of something that they just might be worthy of, because of thier age.

On one side you have people who may be uncomfortable being ministered to by someone the age of thier youngest child. “They have’nt even lived thier life yet. They dont know anything” they say.

And then on the other side, you have those who find these young people an inspiration. “If they can live a holy life at such a young age, than I know I can” others say.

So what do you think? Are college students too young to be ministers.


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