Yoga in East Lansing

Though it seems to be spoken of as some cure-all in popular culture, I will vouch for yoga as being a legitimate way to have fun, get some exercise and cool down as well.

I started doing yoga earlier this year when my legs and feet started cramping up from walking everywhere on campus. I more or less did it as a cheap alternative to actually seeing a doctor or a chiropractor and I was thoroughly impressed with how well it worked.

The only time I actually get a chance to do it is at MSU’s yoga club meetings on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m.. Unfortunately, right when I decided yoga was something I’d like to take more time to do and got a yoga mat for Christmas, I also got scheduled to work right when they met, so I haven’t been able to attend regularly since the fall.

If you’re looking for a way to unwind or just let loose of some tension at the beginning of a week, I recommend going to the yoga club meetings. They’re free and are located in the Tower Room at the MSU Union. Sadly, for people in the area these meetings are going to be postponed for the summer until the next school year starts. There are however several yoga studios in the East Lansing area that can be looked up online for more details such as the Center for Yoga, whose Web site can be found here.


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