The English Inn

            The English Inn, 677 S. Michigan Road in Eaton Rapids, is a Select Registry distinguished inn of North America, as well as a restaurant, pub, and conference center. One thing the public may not know, however, is that the English Inn is also a hotspot for “hauntings.”

            Construction began on the private residence of Irving Jacob Reuter and his wife, Janet, in 1927. The 10,000 square foot home was built on the 15 acre property and was given the name Medovue. Along with the main house, the property currently has a swimming pool, pond, gazebo, Honeysuckle Cottage, and a banquet facility built in 2002 given the name Medovue Hall after the original name of the property.

            The Reuter’s lived in their home until they left for Florida in 1936. It continued as a private residence until 1940 when it was purchased by the Roman Catholic Church.  During this time, the pub was a chapel. The Church owned the property until 1962, when it became a private residence again.

            In 1989 it was converted by new owners to an Inn and restaurant. The current owners, Gary and Donna Nelson, purchased it in 1996.

            Throughout the years the English Inn has acquired a grand history ranging from well known guests to lavish weddings, and guests keep coming back. Amy Serr, Wedding and Banquet Sales Manager, said that the Inn has 100 percent occupancy on weekends.

            Serr also explained many of the eerie happenings lurking inside the walls of the Inn. The staff is aware of three ghosts that roam around the Inn. A farmer, bride and lady in white have been spotted multiple times by not only staff, but also guests.

            The farmer ghost, a man with a gray beard, has been spotted in the first floor bathroom. Guests have thought there was a man using the restroom and waited their turn, only to realize that no one was there.

            The disgruntled bride, explains Serr, has been seen crying in the Avon Room, one of the Inn’s six overnight rooms. She has also been said to play the piano located on the first floor.

            The lady in white was frequently seen by a former employee of the Inn. He worked in the kitchen and was very receptive to the spirit. She appeared to him many times and to him it was no big deal, said Serr.

            Serr, herself, has had strange encounters during her 10 year employment at the Inn. One time, she cleared off a table that needed to be re-set, made a short trip to the kitchen to get what she needed, and when she returned the table was fully set. No one was around to set the table and when she asked fellow employees if they had done it, they did not know what she was talking about.

            Serr is not the only employee to have witnessed strange occurrences in the Inn. Molly Teel, a Michigan State University grad student who has worked at the Inn for five and a half years, has lived in Eaton Rapids her entire life. She began working the front desk at the Inn, but eventually worked her way up to a server position.

When serving one evening, a couple came in and the woman was discussing how the Inn was haunted. He said that he did not believe in that. The women went to use the restroom, and when she was gone, a wine glass flew out of the hanging shelf and shattered. The man was covered in goosebumps, told everyone around him not to tell his wife what had happened, and when she returned, he insisted that they leave the Inn. Teel was running up the pub’s steps as this happened and turned around as soon as she heard the glass break. Teel accounts the activities to the husband’s disbelief in the spirits lurking in the Inn.

            Teel has also heard stories from other employees. One morning, all of the guests were sitting on the Inn’s stairs when an employee came in. Teel isn’t sure exactly what happened, but something scared all of the guests at the same time, which had never happened before.

            Robyn Kemp started working at the Inn just two weeks ago and she is already interested in the haunted aspect of the Inn. She has been asking her coworkers what they have heard or seen and is excited to work in this sort of atmosphere.

No one knows for sure what has caused the haunting, who the ghosts are, or if sightings will happen again, yet regardless of scares, the English Inn remains one of the most successful businesses in the Eaton Rapids area.



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