Interesting Facts About Mason

  • The average commute for workers in Mason is 22 minutes. The average is 26 minutes nationwide.
  • Mason was named after Gov. Stevens T. Mason, the first governor of Michigan and the youngest state governor in American history.
  • The number of violent crimes reported by the FBI in 2003 in Mason was 13; one of these was a murder.
  • US-127 runs through Mason and intersects with I-94 and I-96.
  • Amtrak has depots near Mason in East Lansing (10 miles north) and Jackson (20 miles south).
  • CATA bus routes travel from Mason to downtown Lansing.
  • Mason has free recycling at a 24-hour collection site.
  • Mason has an urgent care facility, 12 physicians, 9 dentists, 5 chiropractors, 2 private ambulance services, and 4 major hospitals in the nearby area.
  • Mason has six parks and three golf courses.
  • Mason is the only county seat city in the United States that is located in the same county of the state capital that does not also serve as the capital city.
  • The original court house, which was built in 1843, still exists and is now a residence.

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