Facts you may not know about Eaton Rapids…

Here are some facts about Eaton Rapids for those of you who may not be from the area.         

The city of Eaton Rapids is located southwest of Lansing. The small community only spans an area of 3.49 square miles and according to the United States Census Bureau’s 2000 tabulation, Eaton Rapids has a total population of 5,330.

            As of 2006, there are 1,421 owned homes and 646 homes that are rented. The median value of property is $90,900 and the median rent is $471. In Eaton Rapids, the mean income is $48,703.

            In 2003, a new facility was built on Line Street to house the police and fire departments. Leading the police force is Chief Malewski, who has worked in Eaton Rapids law enforcement for over 20 years. Fire Chief Roger McNutt leads the ERFD.

The Eaton Rapids Community News (www.EatonRapidsCommunityNews.com) has been serving the Eaton Rapids community for 15 years. It is owned by Lansing Community Newspapers.


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