Welcome to Meridian Township

The town of Meridian Township is a suburban town right next to East Lansing. It is a municipality, comprised of Okemos and Haslett. The town received its name from Michigan Meridian, the prime north and south line that all townships in Michigan are measured by. It is home to Lake Lansing, the largest lake within the Lansing area and 1,250 acres of parkland.
Walking around Meridian Township, one notices that it is a middle-class area.

The town has come along way since the days when it was just a rural area, with nothing more than a gas station and mom-and-pop stores. Today, with a population of more than 39,116, Meridian has developed into a true suburban town. There are many restaurants, including an Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesdays, Meridian Mall, dance studios and more.

While the urbanization of Meridian Township is evident, the town has still been able to preserve its natural beauty, through the Township Board’s effort to maintain greenspace. Another positive is the town’s school system. There is the Haslett school district and the Okemos school district. Both school districts have some of the highest test scores in the state. Okemos High School is the only high school in Okemos, looks more like a college campus than a high school and each year, ranks in the top of all Michigan high schools.


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