Geocaching Advice

For those wanting to give Geocaching a try, I really think you should try the Harris Nature Center’s “Discover Geo-Caching” program. Geocaching is truly a unique activity that I feel at the very least is worth trying for something new to do outside with the family or friends.

The part I’d normally be leery of advising people to try the activity about is the steep cost of just trying it. On the lower end of things, a GPS can run for about $100, which is still pretty steep considering you have this technology just lying around doing nothing if it turns out Geocaching isn’t for you.

I actually had a Garmin e-trex model of GPS that my dad and I bought for fishing in Canada when I first heard of Geocaching. It was fortunate I did because I wasn’t lucky enough to have someplace like the Harris Nature Center near by. I have only had the opportunity to go once, but I have to say it was a blast.

I do recommend however using a less complicated GPS on your first time. Some of my more technology savvy friends tried overlaying a topographical map on to the GPS coordinates. Unfortunately, the overlaying map was off by about a mile or so, resulting in us winding up in somebody’s backyard in the dead of winter until we worked past that little snafu.

You can see a few pictures of our excursion below:


2 thoughts on “Geocaching Advice”

  1. I caught your blog by a Google search on geocaching. It’s a great adventure! I liked your photos. IMHO, geocaching in the snow really bites! We are in Minnesota and have only have eight new finds this entire year. The weather has been so lousy. But the ice is off the lakes now and we are ready to get back out there.

    Cache on!

    The Northwoods Geocats

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