DeWitt: Walter Grysen Blog Post

During my ride along with Officer Walter Grysen there was a call over the radio about a reckless driver.  The officer who was making the report over the radio said that there was a female who was driving down the highway and swerving all over the road.  He said she was reaching in a duffle bag in the back seat.  Once she turned around she was out of sight for a few moments before throwing an open bottle of alcohol out of the window.

Grysen, with me in tow, began to go towards the are of 127 where we could cut off the driver.  I expressed my excitement about the potential of being in a high-speed chase.  Grysen talked of his dream which was to go to an over pass and drop the road spikes down in front of the driver’s car effectively stopping her pleasure cruise. 

Unfortunately our dreams would never come to fruition because only 30 seconds later the officer who made the call came over the radio and announced that he had pulled over the driver and had her in custody.  Even though we never got to make the stop just the sheer thrill of the potential of being in a high speed chase had made my heart beat faster than anyting else I have ever experienced.


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